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Evaluating the effectiveness of behavioral science interventions in dyadic data: A comparison of ANCOVA approach and Dyadic data analysis approach (APIM)

Jalil Younesi

Volume 19, Issue 67 , May 2023, Pages 6-29


  Evaluating the effectiveness of behavioral interventions in various educational and therapeutic situations in experimental designs requires identifying the structure of collected data and appropriate methods of data analysis. Considering that researchers mainly use ANCOVA to analyze the data of the pretest-posttest ...  Read More

The Link between Play and Education in Kindergartens: Model Design based on Foundational Data Theory

Mahbubeh Soleimanpour; Seyyed Mohammad Hossein Razavi; Seyed Emad Hosseini; Ebrahim Alidoust; Saeed Amirnezhad

Volume 19, Issue 67 , May 2023, Pages 30-68


  The purpose of this research was to design a management model for the establishment and operation of sports kindergartens in the country using the data theory of the foundation. The research method is analytical, for this purpose qualitative methodology was used. The research strategy was to use the ...  Read More

روانشناسی یادگیری
Modeling the Academic Achievement in Covid-19 Pandemic based on Students' Personality and Attitude Variables

ٍEnayatollah Zamanpour

Volume 19, Issue 67 , May 2023, Pages 70-101


  After the Covid-19 pandemic, university classrooms were closed for a while, but immediately with the immediate decision of university officials, the will was decided to hold classes virtually and electronically; This demand was somehow imposed on the students without examining whether the students had ...  Read More

Developing a Pattern of Academic Probation based on Lived Experiences of Students

Mahtab Changaei; Hossain Salimi Bajestani; Kiiumars Farah Bakhsh; Asiyeh Shariatmadar; Noorali Farrokhi

Volume 19, Issue 67 , May 2023, Pages 102-138


  This study was conducted to develop a pattern of academic probation based on lived experiences of students and research texts related to the subject. This study is a qualitative research using phenomenology method and purposive sampling. Twelve semi-structured interviews were carried out with 10 female ...  Read More

روانشناسی یادگیری
Meta-Analysis of Gender Differences in Academic Emotions

Nastaran Sadat Naghibsadati; Javad Mesrabadi; Abolfazl Farid

Volume 19, Issue 67 , May 2023, Pages 140-162


  During the last three decades, many researchers have investigated gender differences in academic emotions, but many of their results have been contradictory; Therefore, it is necessary to conduct a meta-analysis to achieve a comprehensive result in this field. In this regard, the aim of the current research ...  Read More

روانشناسی یادگیری
Investigating the Relationship between Educational Stress Factors and Educational Competence with School Anxiety with the Mediation of Difficulty in Emotion Regulation in Students

Sefallah Aghajani; Sanaz Eyni; Jila Niazi

Volume 19, Issue 67 , May 2023, Pages 164-190


  The purpose of the current research was to find the causal modeling of school anxiety based on educational stressors and educational competence with the mediation of difficulty in emotion regulation in students. The current research was a descriptive correlational type in terms of its practical purpose ...  Read More

The Effectiveness of Peace Education on Interpersonal Relationships and Students' Academic Motivation Girl

Leila zamani kokhaloo; Mojgan Sepah Mansour; Khadijeh Abolmaali Alhosseini

Volume 19, Issue 67 , May 2023, Pages 192-215


  The aim of this study was to determine the effectiveness of peace education on interpersonal relationships and students' academic motivation in a quasi-experimental method with a pre-test-post-test design, taking into account the one-month control and follow-up group. The statistical population of the ...  Read More

Developing a Structural Model for Peer Rejection in Elementary schools: a Mixed Method

Seyede Khadije Moradian Geizeh rud; Ezatolah Ghadampour; Masud Sadeghi; Mohammad Abasi; Firoze Ghazanfari

Volume 19, Issue 67 , May 2023, Pages 216-240


  In the last decade, there has been a growing recognition of child peer rejection since it has an important role in child's psychological problems and its effects sometimes expend to the future. The main purpose of the present research was to develop a structural model for peer rejection base on a mixed ...  Read More