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The Relationship between teaching methods (group discussion, questions and answers, scientific demonstrationand lectures) with Student achievement motivation

Maryam Rahimimand; Abbas Abbaspour

Volume 12, Issue 39 , April 2016, Pages 1-24


  The main aim of the present research was to investigate the effects of instructional methods (group discussion, question-answer, scientific display, and lecturing) on students' achievement motive. The research statistical population included all students of Teacher Training Centers (Farhanguian University) ...  Read More

The Prediction of Academic Burnout Based on Quality of College Life and Hope to Employment in University Students

Ali Sheykholeslami; Ghaffar Karimianpoor; Roonak Veysi

Volume 12, Issue 39 , April 2016, Pages 25-43


  This study was carried out to predict academic burnout based on quality of college life and hope for employment among university students. The research method of study was correlational descriptive. The statistical community included all undergraduate university students living in Mohaghegh Ardibili ...  Read More

Explaining the Effect of Psycho-Social Factors on the Altruism of Charity School-builders

Ali Delavar; Zahra Shabani; yousef karimi; fariborz dortaj

Volume 12, Issue 39 , April 2016, Pages 45-79


  This research aimed at explaining the effects of psycho-social factors on the altruism of charity school- builders. Research method was correlational, and the sampling method was multi-stage cluster sampling. According to the numbers of variables and Kerjesi-Morgan Table, the sample size was determined ...  Read More

Prediction of Procrastination Behavior in High School Male Students Based upon Emotional Styles

Rahim Badri; Shahram Vahedi; Mansour Bairami; Javad Einipour

Volume 12, Issue 39 , April 2016, Pages 81-95


  Procrastination means postponing the works or tendency to do it in the last moments. Procrastination causes high degree of anxiety and depression in student and also negative emotions. One of the efficacious components on procrastination is the lack of emotional regulation and disability of emotional ...  Read More

The Role of Openness to Experience in Anticipation of the Identity Styles and Commitment

Abbas Rahiminezhad; Nastaran Mortezaee

Volume 12, Issue 39 , April 2016, Pages 97-117


  Because of the importance of personality traits in the development of identity styles, the present study investigated the role of openness to experience in anticipation of the identity styles and commitment. To do this, by using research method of correlation, 115 female students at University of Tehran ...  Read More

Comparison of the Effectiveness of Riegeluth and Gagné Instructional Design Models Together and with Traditional Method in Learning Third Grade Junior Students

Hojjat Dehghanzadeh; Hossein Dehghanzadeh; Dariush Norouzi; Mohammad Hassan Amir Teimouri

Volume 12, Issue 39 , April 2016, Pages 119-134


  The aim of this study was to compare the effectiveness of Reigeluth and Gagné instructional design models together and with traditional method in learning Vocational and Technical Teaching (Industrial Arts) of the third grade junior students. To achieve this objective, a quasi-experimental pretest-posttest ...  Read More

Resilience as a Mediator between Big Five-Factor Personality Trait and Happiness

Zahra Gholipour; Seyed Ali Marashi; Mahnaz Mehrabizadeh Honarmand; Nasrin Arshadi

Volume 12, Issue 39 , April 2016, Pages 135-155


  The aim of this study was to explore the influences of Big Five-Factor personality traits on happiness and to examine the mediating effect of resilience in this relationship. In this research extraversion, neuroticism, open-ness, conscientiousness and agreeableness were considered as precedents of happiness, ...  Read More

Relationship between Identity Properties and Computer Anxiety with Computer Self-efficacy of High Schools Students

Ali Khaleghkhah; Mohammad Mahdi Babaei Menghari

Volume 12, Issue 39 , April 2016, Pages 157-173


  The aim of this study was to investigate the relationship between the identity properties and computer anxietywith computer self-efficacy of high schools students of Amol. The research method was a correlation. The purpose of this study is an applied research. The population was 11,532 students. The ...  Read More

The Study of the Interaction Preferences Power of the Students of Web-based Instruction Courses Learning Styles

Maryam Pourjamshidi

Volume 12, Issue 39 , April 2016, Pages 175-197


  The aim of this study was to investigate the interaction preferences power of the Students of web-based instruction courses learning styles. For this purpose, 120 students from Tehran Virtual University were selected by using random sampling, and then, all of them responded to Grasha and Richman learning ...  Read More

Effectiveness of Teaching for Successful Intelligence on Future Teacher's Learning Cognitive and Affective Outcomes

Shahnam Azadmard; Hooshang Talebi

Volume 12, Issue 39 , April 2016, Pages 199-223


  The purpose of this study was to investigate the effectiveness of teaching for successful intelligence on learning cognitive and affective outcomes of university students in Educational Psychology course. 112 university students of Farhangian University (Ardebil Allameh Tabataba’i and Bentolhoda ...  Read More