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The Study of Philip Cam’s Brain Stories Effects on the Preschool Children's Creativity Development in Tehran

Kaveh Rostami; Irandokht Fayyaz; Omid Ghasemi

Volume 12, Issue 41 , October 2016, Pages 1-13


  The purpose of this paper is to study Philip Cam’s brain stories effects on the preschool children's creativity development in Tehran. The study sample was all preschool children in 2013-2014 school years in Tehran, using multi-stage cluster sampling, 30 children were selected as samples among ...  Read More

Effectiveness of the Kurdish Auxiliary Reading Textbook on Improving Reading and Writing in the elementary First Grade Persian Book Named “Bekhanim and Benevisim” among Bilingual Children

Jamalodin Kolaeinezhad; Kazem Hassani; Fouziyeh Abdipour; Sahra Faramarzi

Volume 12, Issue 41 , October 2016, Pages 15-27


  This research aims to know Kurdish auxiliary schoolbook based upon combined method and its influence on reinforcing reading and writing in elementary first grade Persian book named “ Bekhanim and Benevisim” among bilingual children of Marivan in school year 1391-92. Certain test based on ...  Read More

The Impact of Electronic Boards on Learning and Retention of Reading and Listening Skills in English Language Lessons

Alireza Badeleh

Volume 12, Issue 41 , October 2016, Pages 29-58


  The purpose of this study was to investigate the effect of smart boards and the application of grammar translation and audio-lingual teaching methods in the process of learning, retention (memorization) of first grade English Language lessons of first grade of secondary smart schools. The population ...  Read More

Effectiveness of Group Conceptual Mapping on Cognitive - Emotional Indicators of Chemistry Courses

Taghi Zavvar; Javad Mesrabadi; Leila Amirian

Volume 12, Issue 41 , October 2016, Pages 59-78


  This study aims to determine effectiveness of group conceptual mapping on cognitive - emotional indicators of chemistry courses. Participants include 147 first grade high school female students and the intended educational content is chemistry. The research project is designed based on a quasi-experimental ...  Read More

Review of Variations Achievement Motivation and Self-concept due to Learning a Second language (Language of Study: English)

Tahereh Kheiri Gelsefidi; Shahrbanoo Ghahari; Balal Nazaryan

Volume 12, Issue 41 , October 2016, Pages 79-89


  This study has been done to identify the effectiveness of teaching English as a Foreign Language (EFL) on the self-concept and achievement motivation of learners. In this paper among the 280 students of 15-30 year-old, using both the Rogers’ Self-concept Questionnaire and Herman’s questionnaire ...  Read More

The Casual Relationship of Family Communication Pattern and Religious Orientation with Academic Buoyancy: The Roles of Self-Efficacy Dimensions

Morteza Moradi; Hossien Shahmoradi; Masoumeh Mahmmodi; Omolbanin Sheibani

Volume 12, Issue 41 , October 2016, Pages 91-124


  This study aimed to examine the mediating role of self-efficacy dimensions in the relationship family communication pattern and religious orientation with academic buoyancy. In this study, 392 students (205 females and 187 males) of a high school located in Poldokhtar city that were chosen by multi-stage ...  Read More

The Effectiveness of Cognitive Training on Information Processing Speed and Working Memory in Children with Learning Disabilities

Mina Fathi-Ashtiani; Mahnaz Akhavan-Tafti; Molouk Khademi

Volume 12, Issue 41 , October 2016, Pages 125-141


  The present study aims to investigate the effect of cognitive training on the working memory, and processing speed in children with learning disabilities. Besides working memory and processing speed, it is effect on academic performance was also examined. It was an experimental research with two groups ...  Read More

Study of the Conformity of Amir Kabir University’s E-learning Presentation Style to Instructional Events of Gagne& Briggs Instructional Design Model

Behnam Rasouli; Khadijeh Aliabadi; Fereshteh Azadi Parand

Volume 12, Issue 41 , October 2016, Pages 143-162


  The present study aimed to appraise the conformity of Amir Kabir University’s e-learning presentation style to instructional events of Gagne & Briggs instructional design model. The study was of a descriptive and analytical nature. The population included all the main and technical courses ...  Read More

Designing a Model for Explaining the Happiness Based on the Coping Styles and Psychological Resiliency in Farhangian University of Hamedan

Mehran Farhadi; Hussein Mohagheghi; Maryam Abdollahi Moghaddam; Fazlolallh Hassanvand

Volume 12, Issue 41 , October 2016, Pages 163-184


  This study aims to design a model for explaining the happiness based on the coping styles and psychological resiliency in Farhangian University of Hamedan and students were as participant. For this purpose, among all the male and female students, 330 students (165 girls and 165 boys) were selected randomly ...  Read More