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The Comparison of the Resilience and Social Support in Juvenile Delinquents and Normal Teenagers of Tehran

Yusef Karimi; Mahmoud Khabbaz; Yusef Habibi; Nader Karimian

Volume 12, Issue 40 , July 2016, Pages 1-15


  The aim of this study was to investigate and compare the resiliency and social support in the youth offenders of education and correction centers and ordinary teenagers of south Tehran.The study population included all youth offenders of education and correction centers and all students of high schools ...  Read More

A Comparison of Academic Learning Centers in Worldwide with Iranian Academic Learning Centers

Ebrahim Abolghasemi; Esmaeil zaraiizavaraki; Mohmmadreza Aahmadzadeh

Volume 12, Issue 40 , July 2016, Pages 17-46


  This study aims to investigate academic learning centers globally and provide a comprehensive plan to establish the universities. In this study, the components and features of educational content, human resources, physical environment, organization, media and equipment have been studied and analyzed. ...  Read More

Determining Students’ Profiles via Academic Help Seeking, Perception of School Environment and Social Goal Achievement Components According to Academic Burnout: Person-based Analysis

Keostan mohamadian; Moosa Piri; Ramin Habibi-Kaleybar

Volume 12, Issue 40 , July 2016, Pages 47-67


  The aim of this research was to survey motivational profiles of students and differences between different groups' profiles on the basis of help seeking, perception of school environment and social goal achievement are studied. In this descriptive study (correlation), research population included 1295 ...  Read More

The Relationship between Educational Social Structures, Socio-Economic Status and Cultural Capital of Family with Academic Engagement and Academic Achievement of Traditional and Distance Education Students

Mohammad Bagher Akbarpour Zangalani; Hossein Zare; Mahmood Ekrami; Hamid Maleki

Volume 12, Issue 40 , July 2016, Pages 69-104


  The purpose of this research was to investigate the contribution of socio - economic status, cultural capital of family and educational social structure variables in predicting academic engagement and academic achievement between distance education students and traditional education and also studying ...  Read More

Questioning Instruction on Critical Thinking and its Skills in Social Science Course in the First Grade High School Girl Students

Tayebeh Javadi Momtaz; Rasool Kord Noghabi; Yahya Maroofi

Volume 12, Issue 40 , July 2016, Pages 105-130


  The main aim of this research was to compare the questioning instructional technique and method effectiveness on critical thinking and its skills in social science course in first grade high school girl students in Hamadan. The research method was semi-experimental with a pretest- posttest with control ...  Read More

The Confirmatory Factor Analysis and Internal Consistency of Class -Related Emotion Scales (CRES)

Behzad Sattari; Hossein Pour‌shahriar; Omid Shokri

Volume 12, Issue 40 , July 2016, Pages 129-150


  In the control – value theory, achievement emotions are defined as emotions tied directly to achievement activities or outcomes. The effect of these emotions on the student’s academic life and achievement has been proved in various researches. Nevertheless, researches concentrate on the anxiety ...  Read More

The Effectiveness of Conceptual Map on Retention and Understanding and Application of Science Concepts

Javad Mesrabadi; Akbar Alilou

Volume 12, Issue 40 , July 2016, Pages 151-171


  One of the teaching - learning strategies that facilitates meaningful learning among students and represents the hierarchically relationships among students matters is the conceptual map. The present research is prepared on studious findings, and in this research investigated the degree of proficiency ...  Read More

Personality and Learning Approaches as Predictors of University Students’ Academic Performance

Akbar Rezaei

Volume 12, Issue 40 , July 2016, Pages 173-190


  The purpose of the present study was to investigate the relationship between personality characteristics, learning approaches and students’ academic performance. For this, 371 students of human sciences (259 females and 112 males) from Payam-e-Noor University– Tabriz branch were randomly ...  Read More

Validating Instructional Design Model for Moral Instruction

Mohammad Reza Vahdani; Darioush Nowrouzi; Hashem Fardanesh; Khadijeh Aliabadi; Khosrow Bagheri

Volume 12, Issue 40 , July 2016, Pages 191-211


  Instructional design is art and science of designation, detailed characterization for development, evaluates and maintains the positions that will facilitate learning and performance (Reigeluth, 2009). Instructional design is a very active area of ​​ instructional technology, which seeks to facilitate ...  Read More