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The Impact of ICT-Based Education on Educational Justice Development

H. Sayyari; P. Lotfipour; E. Kazempour

Volume 8, Issue 23 , April 2012, Pages 2-28

  ICT-based education is the application of information and communication technologies in the process of teaching and learning. Educational justice can be defined as providing equal educational opportunities for all demanders of higher education. Educational justice can be achieved by ICT-based education ...  Read More

A Study of Guidance-School Social Sciences Curriculum's Emphasis on Critical Approach Components

M. R. Yousefzadeh; Y. Ma'roufi; I. Bakhtiyar; M. Taheri Tizrou

Volume 8, Issue 23 , April 2012, Pages 28-44

  The present research aims to study the emphasis laid by guidance-school social sciences curriculum on the critical approach. The survey research was used as the research method, and the statistical population included all 85 teachers teaching social sciences at the guidance schools of District One of ...  Read More

A Conceptual and Operational Model for Generating Interest in Research among Police Trainees

N. Hashemi

Volume 8, Issue 23 , April 2012, Pages 42-62

  The aim of this study is to design and develop a conceptual and operational model to generate interest in research among the students of the Police University. The developed model was, in fact, a pilot pre/post test design. The statistical population included all male undergraduates of the Police University ...  Read More

Studying the word ‘Training’ in the Qur'an and Sunnah (A criticism on the use of the word ‘training’ in terms of religious perspective)

.Sadruddin Shariati

Volume 8, Issue 23 , April 2012, Pages 62-74

  This research intends to study the word ‘tarbiat’ (‘training’) in Islamic texts. Therefore, the Qur'an, Nahj al-Balāgha, al-Sahifa al-Sajjādiya, books of prayers and Bihār al-Anwār collection were considered as the corpus of study as well as the sample in this study. After ...  Read More

On the Relationship between Generative Model of Learning and Learners' Attainment of Predefined Objectives

H. Zangeneh; H. Ja'farifar; H. Fardanesh

Volume 8, Issue 23 , April 2012, Pages 74-96

  Based on Wittrock’s generative learning theory (1974), generative model of learning emphasizes learners' active participation in the learning process by generating relationships and meanings. The present research addressed the question as to whether learners trained under generative model of learning ...  Read More

A Study of Causal Relationship Between Achievement Goals and Self-Regulation Strategies with Math Problem-Solving Performance

P. Kadivar; V. Farzad; M. Dasta

Volume 8, Issue 23 , April 2012, Pages 96-118

  One of the main educational goals teachers and parents expect the students to attain is the ability to solve problems. The purpose of this study is to investigate the causal relationship between achievement goals and self-regulation strategies with math problem-solving performance. To this aim, casual-correlational ...  Read More

A Study of Bilateral Transfer of Learning in Left-Handed and Right-Handed Students

M. Akbari; A. Alipour

Volume 8, Issue 23 , April 2012, Pages 118-131

  Handedness is related to lateralization of behavioral skills and differences in structure and function in motor system. The aim of this research is to study the bilateral transfer of learning between the right- and left-handers during the process of transfer from the dominant to non-dominant hand and ...  Read More