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Evaluating the Effectiveness of Metacognitive Strategies Training in Improving Reading, Comprehension and Reading Speed of Students

Hamid Reza Da'emi

Volume 8, Issue 24 , July 2012, Pages 2-28

  This study is an attempt to evaluate the effectiveness of metacognitive skills training (reciprocal teaching) in improving the reading, comprehension and reading speed of primary school students with reading learning disorder. The statistical population comprised all primary school male students from ...  Read More

A Blended Approach to Instructional Design and Learning Environment: Critique of Previous Models and Development of a New Model

Esma'il Zare'i Zuvaraki

Volume 8, Issue 24 , July 2012, Pages 29-50

  The purpose of this study is to analyze and criticize previous models of learning environments and instructional design and present a new model in this context. The main questions of the study were: (1) what are the points of strength and weakness of the global popular models of learning environments ...  Read More

Predicting Academic Procrastination during Self-Regulated Learning in Iranian First-Grade High-School Students

Houra Moti'i; Mahmoud Heidari; Mansoureh Sadat Sadeqi

Volume 8, Issue 24 , July 2012, Pages 50-72

  Procrastination is a common phenomenon mainly observed in school settings. Recognized as a self-regulatory failure, it is believed to adversely affect students’ academic achievements. Research exploring the relationship between self-regulated learning and procrastination is unfortunately lacking. ...  Read More

Characteristics of the Objectives of Extracurricular Activities of High-School Students: An Approach to Prevention of Social Threats

Amir Naderi; Gholam Hussein Haji Husseinnezhad; Azizollah Tajik Esma'ili; Hassan Reza Zeinabadi

Volume 8, Issue 24 , July 2012, Pages 72-101

  Safeguarding the teenagers is one of the main concerns of every society due to their vulnerability to different threats and role in determining the future of their country. Despite the measures taken by societies, families, schools and police officers, juvenile delinquency and crime against them are ...  Read More

A Comparison of the Competence of Teacher-Training Graduates and Contractual Teachers from the Perspective of Guidance-School Principals

Manizheh Geravand; Abbas Abbaspour

Volume 8, Issue 24 , July 2012, Pages 100-120

  This study aims to compare the competence of teacher-training graduates and contractual teachers from the perspective of guidance-school principals of Tehran city. The research method was a descriptive survey, and its tool was a questionnaire designed on the basis of Likert scales. The sample selected ...  Read More

The Impact of Multimedia on Learning and Retention of Persian Pre-Printing Skills Course in First Graders

Khojasteh Ghamin; Darioush Norouzi

Volume 8, Issue 24 , July 2012, Pages 120-145

  The present research seeks to assess the impact of a researcher-made multimedia on the learning and retention of the Persian pre-printing skills. The participants were all the first graders of elementary schools in Teheran in the school year 2010-2011. 40 students were selected through multilevel random ...  Read More

On the Relationship between Self-Efficacy Biases and Educational Motivation, Affects and Performance of Guidance-School Students of Shiraz

Muhammad Khayyer; Mas'oud Husseinchari; Mahmoud Bahrani

Volume 8, Issue 24 , July 2012, Pages 144-169

  The aim of the present study is to investigate the biases of students' self-efficacy with regard to some external criteria and its impact on educational motivation, affects and performance outcomes. Participants were 273 second-grade guidance-school students (150 female, 123 male) who were selected by ...  Read More