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Grammar Position in Second Language Learning Theories and Plans: Searching a Plan for Farsi Grammar Teaching

reza morad sahraei

Volume 11, Issue 35 , April 2015, Pages 1-23

  Studying fulfilment processes of curriculum plans and second language teaching principles showed that grammar teaching is one of the challenging and serious subjects. Grammar is teaching-oriented, and it is based on meaning in some curriculum planning. While, in other some, grammar is fully discarded ...  Read More

The Effects of Philosophy Instruction on Third Grade Junior School Students' Reasoning Skills in Samen Region

Mohammad Asgari; hassan Dinarvand; Mohammad Reza Torkashvand

Volume 11, Issue 35 , April 2015, Pages 25-40

  The present study has investigated the effects of philosophy instruction on grade third junior school students' reasoning skills in Sammen region in the 1390–1391 academic year. The subjects were 96 boys and girls who were selected through multi–stage cluster sampling. They were randomly ...  Read More

Studying Virtual Networks Effects on Changing the Young’s Personality Characteristics

Elahe Vadodi; Ali Delavar

Volume 11, Issue 35 , April 2015, Pages 4144-65

  The purpose of this research was to study virtual networks on the young's personality characteristics, and try to answer to this question: Which position do virtual networks have on the formation of our behaviors? Do social networks cause to change the young’s personality characteristics? In order ...  Read More

The Role of Loneliness in Students’ Attitudes towards Drug

Samira Soleimani; Ali Mohammad rezaei; Fatemeh Nazaree

Volume 11, Issue 35 , April 2015, Pages 67-77

  The purpose of this study was to determine the relation between loneliness feeling and students’ attitude to drug. This study was conducted in the form of correlation. 200 students in Semnan University were examined by stratified random sampling and by the use of the measurement standard sampling ...  Read More

The Mata- analyse of active Teaching Principle Effectiveness.

Elnaz Sadgi dizaj; Seyed Davood Hoseininasab; fariba Asgarian; Asqar ShialiPour; Mohammad Reza Maqsodi

Volume 11, Issue 35 , April 2015, Pages 79-103

  Education is the most basic in human needs. The Society Can't Proceed its survival Without education .In new Curriculum Plans and its Education methods, it’s emphasized methods which  puplis are active by dint of them .In this methods, puplis are the major role in Learning Process . So, The ...  Read More

Teacher’s Authority: Students’ Anxiety, Depression, and Achievement

hossein eskandari; Hamid Darrodi; Farzaneh Bahrami

Volume 11, Issue 35 , April 2015, Pages 105-121

  Document of basic evolution of education has described teacher as an example of honesty and knowledge. Authority is one of the key features of teacher that divided into desirable and undesirable ones. Usually, different kinds of authority are divided into two general categories: content-legal and formal-existential ...  Read More

Studying the Relation between Life Orientering and Advancement Goals with Students’ Life Satisfaction

Hassan mahmoudian; hadi Safarian; Hossein Hashemzadeh vaez; Seyed Abdolah Mir Mohammad Tabar; shirin rezvani far

Volume 11, Issue 35 , April 2015, Pages 123-135

  One of the most important effects in life satisfaction is goal and positive orientation to life. The purpose of this research was to study the relation between life Orientation and advancement goals with students’ life satisfaction. 362 students in Semnan University responded to questionnaires ...  Read More

Effect of Spiritual Group Training on Decreasing Depression and Increasing Marital Satisfaction among Married Women in Tehran, Region 5

seiedeh zohre sadat amirarjmandi; Kianoosh Hashemiyan; Moghgan Niknam

Volume 11, Issue 35 , April 2015, Pages 137-158

  The purpose of this research was to determine the effectiveness of training in decreasing depression and increasing spirituality of marital satisfaction among married women in region 5 in Tehran. This is a kind of quasi- experimental research including experimental group and the control group in which ...  Read More

Determining Ongoing Obstacles of Smart School Development in Hamadan Province

Farhad Seragi; Hassan Sarmadi Ansar; Ali Akbar Asgari Motie'

Volume 11, Issue 35 , April 2015, Pages 159-180

  The goal of this study was to determine ongoing obstacles of smart School development from managers and teachers’ viewpoints. In order to collect data, a researcher-made questionnaire was used. The kinds of questionnaires were determined and brushed up by experts. Exploratory and confirmatory factors ...  Read More

Educational Plan Effects of Curiosity Booster on the 5th Grade Pupils’ Learning

abdorahman jarihi; hashem fardanesh; masoud geramipour

Volume 11, Issue 35 , April 2015, Pages 181-196

  Curiosity is emphasized by psychologist and researchers of motivation and learning as an important factor. By taking curiosity in pupils, their willing to learning can be motivated. When pupils absorb leaning by new thought or position, and they try to research more and more. Although there are not external ...  Read More