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The Indirect and Direct Effects of Parents' Relation Quality, Achievement Motivation and Curriculum Motivation on Students' Self-esteem

Mohamadreza farshad; Hossein Salimi Bajestani; Koroushe Esmaeili; Yousef Habibi

Volume 11, Issue 36 , July 2015, Pages 1-16

    Self-esteem is one of the important issues in psychology and psychotherapy, on which so many factors have influence. The purpose of this research was to investigate the direct and indirect effects and achievement motivation and academic motivation on students’ self-esteem. The statistical ...  Read More

Studying Nature and Prevalence of Bullying in Zanjan’s Rural Secondary Schools

Mohammad Ali Mazaheri Tehrani; Smaeil Shiri; Mostafa Valipour

Volume 11, Issue 36 , July 2015, Pages 17-38

  Bullying is a worldwide problem in most schools that can cause physical and psychological impairment on both the bully and the victim. The purpose of this study was to examine the scope of this behavior in Zanjan secondary schools. Using available sampling method, 132 secondary students (93 boys and ...  Read More

The Effect of Boys’ Emotionally Harmful Tendencies towards the Opposite Sex on Their Educational Performance

Shahram Ranjdost

Volume 11, Issue 36 , July 2015, Pages 39-58

  The overall aim of the present study was to identify the relationship between traumatic emotional tendencies of female students (grade school) academic failure is the opposite sex. The population in this study was all first grade students in urban high schools in 1392-93 in Marand. Descriptive research ...  Read More

Relationship between Types of Goal Orientation and Self-regulated Learning Strategies with Academic Achievement

Ali Delavar; Niloofar Esmaeili; Saba Hasanvandi; Bagher Hasanvand

Volume 11, Issue 36 , July 2015, Pages 59-78

  The purpose of this study was to investigate and identify the contribution of each variable type of goal orientation in self-regulated learning and academic achievement is anticipated. The study was a cross-sectional descriptive co-relational approach. Population in this research includes total of students ...  Read More

Exploratory and Confirmatory Factor Analysis of Teachers’ Vocation Duty Motivation

Darioush Norouzi; Mohammad Reza Vahdani Asadi; Zahra Rouhani; ma'soumeh jamshidzadeh

Volume 11, Issue 36 , July 2015, Pages 79-110

  The society development counts on the kinds of activities which perform in universities. Teachers play an important role in universities’ development and finally the society development. Studying teachers’ motivation, behavior causes, and efficient factors can affect performance improvement, ...  Read More

The Effectiveness of Multidimensional Motivational-Cognitive Interventions on Task Value, Mastery Goal Orientation and Academic Self-efficiency

Mehri Akhlaqi; Siavosh Talepasand

Volume 11, Issue 36 , July 2015, Pages 111-129

  The present study was conducted with the aim of examining the effectiveness of multidimensional motivational-cognitive interventions on task value, mastery goal orientation and academic self-efficiency. This study was quasi-experimental, and the first grade female high school students of Semnan in academic ...  Read More

Organizational Intelligence, a Factor for Learning Organization Growth

hamid fatehi; hamid rahimian

Volume 11, Issue 36 , July 2015, Pages 131-149

  The aim of this paper was to study the relationship between organizational intelligence and learning organization in Abbaspour Electricity and Water University. This descriptive study was an applied and correlational research. The population included all 180 staff members of the university in academic ...  Read More

Effectiveness of Educational Programs Based on Gardner's Theory on Multiple Intelligences Performance of Students

Salari Faramarz; Hosein Zare; Azam Fotovat

Volume 11, Issue 36 , July 2015, Pages 151-177

  The aim of this study was to evaluate the effectiveness of educational programs based on Gardner's theory on the multiple intelligences of elementary school female students of the 4th grade. The research was an experimental one with the design of pre-test, post-test and a control group. The population ...  Read More

Studying the Impact of Educational Multimedia Use on Learning and Achievement Motivation in Physiology Course

Mohammad Zare; Javad Mehraban; Raheleh Sarikhani

Volume 11, Issue 36 , July 2015, Pages 179-190

  This research aimed at studying the impact of educational multimedia use on learning and motivation in the field of anesthesiology in University of Medical Sciences was studying physiology. The population was all the students of anesthesiology in University of Medical Sciences. Convenience sampling was ...  Read More

Examining the Strong Points of the Descriptive Evaluation System

Karim Sevari

Volume 11, Issue 36 , July 2015, Pages 191-211

  Designing and administering the descriptive evaluation system was one of the major changes in the primary grade levels of educational department in the recent years. Thus, in this research the perspectives and views of primary grade school teachers about the strong points of the above-mentioned system ...  Read More

The Educational Effectiveness of the Metacognitive Strategies and Creativity on Academic Self-Concept

Mahshid Jahtalab Ziabari; Hasan Ahadi; Mohsen Meshkobid Haqiqi

Volume 11, Issue 36 , July 2015, Pages 213-221

  This research aimed at studying the educational effectiveness of the meta-cognitive strategies and creativity on academic self-concept. The research designed as semi-test in two test groups and one control group by pre-test and post-test. The population consisted of female students of the 7th grade in ...  Read More