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Predictive Model of Problematic Internet Use: Role of Insecure Attachment mediated by Emotion Regulation Strategies and Psychological Distress

Mehrnoosh Mottahedin; fariborz dortaj; Fatemeh Ghaemi; Reza Ghorban Jahromi

Volume 18, Issue 66 , January 2023, Pages 7-27


  Abstract The Internet has far-reaching effects on various aspects of human life and the extreme use of the Internet is associated with numerous personal and social harms. The present study investigates the mediating role of emotion regulation strategies and psychological distress in the relationship ...  Read More

Designing a value model in students based on the Fundamental Reform Document of Education

Leila Shokouhi amirabadi; Ali Delavar; Lotfollah Abbasi; Shirin kooshk

Volume 18, Issue 66 , January 2023, Pages 29-54


  The present study aimed to identify and develop a value model in students based on the ‎Fundamental Reform Document of Education.‎ This research was based on the approach of a combination of exploratory researchers, ‎in ‎two parts: qualitative (Thematic analysis) and quantitative (based ...  Read More

Identifying the effective components to improve the karmic capacity in elementary schools based on the document on the transformation of education

Sedighe Abbasalinezhad; Irandokht Fayyaz; Firooz Raznahan; Ali khorsandi Taskooh

Volume 18, Issue 66 , January 2023, Pages 55-75


  The aim of the present research was to identify the effective components in improving the kartim capacity in primary schools based on the document of the fundamental transformation of education. The method of the research was descriptive which was conducted in the field and qualitatively. The study population ...  Read More

The Impact of Learning Styles and Applying Semantic-Mapping on the High School Students’ Critical Thinking Ability and English Vocabulary Learning Improvement

Marzieh Ghasem; Mohammdreza Belyad

Volume 18, Issue 66 , January 2023, Pages 77-109


  The present study was carried out in order to investigate the Impact of learning styles and applying semantic-mapping on the high school students’ critical thinking ability and English vocabulary learning improvement. To this end, a sample of 123 female high school students were randomly selected ...  Read More

Classroom Flourishing : Evaluation of Fitting the Classroom Flourishing System (FCSM) model among high school students

fereshteh bayat; alimohammad rezaei

Volume 18, Issue 66 , January 2023, Pages 111-145


  The present study was conducted to investigate the fit of the Classroom flourishing, System (FCSM) model among high school students. The present study was descriptive and correlational studies and in particular factor analysis and structural equation modeling method based on the partial least squares ...  Read More

Effectiveness of Cognitive-Behavioral Bullying Control Training Program on Interpersonal Problems of Bullying Adolescents

afzal akbari balootbangan; siavash talepasand; ali mohammad rezaei; isaac Rahimian Boogar,

Volume 18, Issue 66 , January 2023, Pages 147-168


  AbstractThe aim of this study was the effectiveness of bullying control training program on interpersonal problems of bullying adolescents. The present study was performed by quasi-experimental method with pre-test-post-test design and one-month follow-up with experimental and control groups. The statistical ...  Read More

The Relationship of Grit, Psychological Hardiness, and Resilience with Academic Engagement: a Model for Path Analysis

نجاریان najarian; shahram vahedi

Volume 18, Issue 66 , January 2023, Pages 169-192


  This research attempted to define the role of grit, psychological hardiness, and resilience in academic engagement. Among a statistical society, 242 students were selected as a sample by a simple random sampling method. To collect data, using online social media, 5-question grit questionnaire (Dakourth, ...  Read More

Development of a Package for Training Executive Functions and Examining its effectiveness on Response Inhibition and Emotional Regulation

Nafiseh sadat Nekouee; molouk khademi-ashkezari; Zahra Hashemi

Volume 18, Issue 66 , January 2023, Pages 193-216


  The aim of this study was to develop an educational package of executive functions and determine its effectiveness on response inhibition & emotion regulation in preschool children. The research method was quasi-experimental with pre-test & post-test. In designing and compiling the educational ...  Read More

Development of a mathematical performance model based on constructivist learning environment perceptions with the mediating role of mathematical self-efficacy and motivation to learn mathematic in first grade high school students

ali abdi; behnaz shiravand

Volume 18, Issue 66 , January 2023, Pages 217-242


  The aims of this research was to determine the fit of the conceptual model of mathematical performance based on perception of constructive learning environment with the mediating role of mathematical self-efficacy and motivation to learn mathematics with the experimental model in junior high school students. ...  Read More