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Developing of academic engagement Model based on core self-evaluation and Developmental Assessts with the mediating role of Academic Help Seeking

Abolghasem Yaghoobi; fereshteh motaharifar; mahya hosseini

Volume 18, Issue 63 , April 2022, Pages 7-30


  The statistical population of this study included all students studying in the academic year 1400-1401 in Bu Ali Sina University of Hamadan. The sample group, which included 387 people, was selected by random cluster sampling method. And responded to the developmental assessts Questionnaire (Minnesota ...  Read More

The mediating role of attitudes toward learning and tolerance of ambiguity in the relationship between the need for cognition and the need for closure on the working memory of High School Students

Hamideh Jahangard; Reza Ghorban Jahromi; Faribourz Dortaj; Aboutaleb seadatee Shamir

Volume 18, Issue 63 , April 2022, Pages 31-58


  The purpose of this work is to look into the impact of the need for closure and cognition on the degree of working memory in Tehran high school students, with the role of attitudes toward learning and ambiguity tolerance as mediating factors. To this end, 385 subjects consisting of 155 girls and 230 ...  Read More

The Intergenerational Transmission of War Trauma: Empathy, and War-Mongering in the First Generation

Mandana Sajjadi; Hossein Salimi

Volume 18, Issue 63 , April 2022, Pages 59-81


  War, as a significant phenomenon of international politics, is an unpleasant collective experience that can contaminate the fabric of society and leave an undesirable legacy for future generations. This study aimed to evaluate whether intergenerational transmission of war trauma influenced empathy capacity ...  Read More

َA qualitative model for the emotional problems of children with learning disorders

Fateme Mazaheri Tehrani; Saeid Ghanbari; Jalil fathabadi; omid shokri; Masoud Sharifi

Volume 18, Issue 63 , April 2022, Pages 83-113


  Learning disorders are the most important issues in educational psychology and require early intervention to prevent their destructive effects. Children with learning disorders are more likely to have emotional problems than their peers. The present study was conducted to provide a qualitative model ...  Read More

Happy School Signs: A Phenomenological Study

Reza Kamali mohajer; Keyvan Salehi; Ali Moghaddamzade; Fateme Jafari

Volume 18, Issue 63 , April 2022, Pages 115-147


  As one of the leading factors shaping students’ conduct, school climate can make a significant contribution to creating happiness within schools and spreading it to the society. The present study was an attempt to identify the signs of a happy school structure based on students' perception of happy ...  Read More

Comparison of working memory level in elementary students with perceptual dyslexia, linguistic dyslexia and normal in reading

Aref Keshtgar; Mitra Rastgoumoghadam; Mohammad Hossein Salarifar

Volume 18, Issue 63 , April 2022, Pages 149-169


  The aim of this study was to comparison of the level of working memory in elementary students with developmental dyslexia of perceptual type, linguistic type and normal type in reading. The research method was descriptive causal-comparative. This study included three statistical populations of elementary ...  Read More

Effectiveness of Perceptual-Motor Education on Math Disorder and Exam Anxiety in Primary School Students with Learning Disabilities in Tehran

farah Mamlekat Dust; REAZ PASHA; saeed Bakhtiarpoor; Marzieh Talebzade Shoushtari

Volume 18, Issue 63 , April 2022, Pages 171-188


  AbstractThe main of this study was to evaluate the effectiveness of motor perception training on math disorder and test anxiety in primary school students with learning disabilities in Tehran. The present study was a quasi-experimental study including a pretest-posttest design with a control group. 40 ...  Read More

The effectiveness of an intervention program based on the mindset of growth approach on mathematical performance in students

Sharareh Ashayeri; Morteza Omidian; Ali Reza Haji yakhchali

Volume 18, Issue 63 , April 2022, Pages 189-206


  Objective: This study aimed to investigate the effect of a program based on the approach of mindset growth to mathematical performance in fourth-grade female students in Kermanshah.Method: The method of the present study was quasi-experimental with a pretest-posttest design with a control group. The ...  Read More

روانشناسی یادگیری
Synthesis research and qualitative modeling of spiritual intelligence correlations based on empirical evidence

seyyed mehdi sarkeshikiyan; Zahra Jamebozorg

Volume 18, Issue 63 , April 2022, Pages 207-228


  Spiritual intelligence is a group of capabilities and capacities to use spiritual resources, values and characteristics in order to promote action and health of daily life. Therefore, increasing attention to this component seems necessary. In this research, the qualitative model of spiritual intelligence ...  Read More