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The Effect of Students' Learning Styles on Their Preferred Teaching Styles

Maqsood Amin Khandaqi; Maliheh Rajee

Volume 9, Issue 28 , July 2013, Pages 16-40

  Considering the relationship between individuals' learning styles and their preferred teaching styles, this paper aims at studying the effect of the students' learning styles on their preferred teaching styles in Ferdowsi University of Mashhad, Iran. 180 out of 500 students are randomly selected in the ...  Read More

The Effect of Computer Games on Selective Reaction Time‚ Working Memory and Spatial Visualization: A Meta-analytic Review

Ahmad Ali. Jadidian; Hassan Pasha Sharifi; Hamzeh Ganji

Volume 9, Issue 28 , July 2013, Pages 58-70

  Computer games, with increasing variety, have become one of the most popular ways of entertainment and play among children and adolescents. They are divided into several types in terms of structure‚ content and complexity and have been categorized into violent and non-violent genres. In recent ...  Read More

The effect of Computer Anxiety on Attitude towards E-Learning: The Mediating Role of Attitude and Self-Efficacy of Computer and Internet

Enayatollah Zamanpour; Mohammad Hossein Khani; Seyedeh Khadijeh Moradiani Deizehrud

Volume 9, Issue 28 , July 2013, Pages 78-98

  Although e-learning opportunities are very widespread and the use of e-learning is increasingly growing, little research has been done on students’ attitude towards e-learning. However, the attitude towards e-learning plays a key role in the success of this type of learning. The present research ...  Read More

A Study of the Prevalence of Academic Procrastination among Students and its Relationship with Demographic Characteristics, Preferences of Study Time, and Purpose of Entering University

Mohammad Ali Tavakoli

Volume 9, Issue 28 , July 2013, Pages 100-122

  The purpose of the present study was to investigate the prevalence of academic procrastination among students of Islamic Azad University- Abadan Branch, and its relationship with demographic characteristics, preferences of study time, and purpose of entering university. This study was a cross–sectional ...  Read More

Study of Satisfaction of High School Students from Their Chosen Discipline and Factors Influencing Their Satisfaction

Ensieh Moradi; Mahnaz Akhavan Tafti

Volume 9, Issue 28 , July 2013, Pages 122-139

  The present descriptive research aims at studying the factors influencing satisfaction of high school students from their choice of discipline (math-physics, humanities and experimental sciences). A sample of 209 second grade high school students are selected using random clustered technique out of whom ...  Read More