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Health-Oriented Academic Lifestyle: The Newly Emerging Idea in the Field of Academic Health Psychology

Parvin Salehzadeh; Omid Shokri; Jallil Fathabadi

Volume 13, Issue 46 , January 2018, Pages 1-30


  A review of theoretical and empirical evidence about the last movements of thought within the efforts of researchers interested in research field achievement motivation emphasizes the need to investigate further the reasons for distinguishing behavioral models of students in achievement environments, ...  Read More

Intelligence Beliefs and Academic Engagement: Mediating Role of Social Cognition

mohammad bagher rihani

Volume 13, Issue 46 , January 2018, Pages 31-48


  The aim of this study was to investigate the mediating role of social cognition in the relationship between intelligence beliefs and academic engagement. The method of present study was descriptive and correlational research. The statistical population comprised all students in Shiraz in the school year ...  Read More

Structural Analysis of the Effects of Personality Factors on Academic Achievement: Mediation of Coping Strategies and College Learning Effectiveness

Seyyed Sajjad Tabatabaei; Elham Vaziri; Afsaneh Towhidi

Volume 13, Issue 46 , January 2018, Pages 49-75


  Structural analysis of the role of personality factors in academic achievement during the stressful transition to college, with a focus on coping strategies and college learning at university as an intermediary in a chain of events is presumed. The present study is descriptive correlational, and the ...  Read More

The Study of the Effectiveness of the Planning Social-Educational Inoculation Program with the Approach of Islamic Teachings on Resiliency of Students with Risky Behaviors

Afsar Khalili Sadrabad; Faramarz Sohrabi; esmaeil saadipour; Ali Delavar; Zahra Khoshnevisan

Volume 13, Issue 46 , January 2018, Pages 77-94


  The purpose of this study was to determine the effectiveness of planning social-educational inoculation program with the approach of Islamic teachings on the resiliency of students with risky behaviors.  This study was executed as a half trial method and by design of pretest-posttest with the control ...  Read More

Providing a Causal Model for Perception of the Educational Atmosphere of Creative and Problem-Solving Skills with Academic Motivation: The Mediating Role of Academic Self-Efficacy

Houshang Garavand; Ezzatollah Ghadampour; Hassan Ali Vieskarami

Volume 13, Issue 46 , January 2018, Pages 95-121


  This study aimed to provide a causal model for perception of the educational atmosphere of creative and problem-solving skills with academic motivation.This study was descriptive and correlational. Statistical population includes all postgraduate students of Lorestan University that 1643 was of through ...  Read More

The Mediating Role of Moral Reasoning on the Relationship between Self-Concept and Moral Metacognition with Moral Behavior

fariborz nikdel; Maryam Dehghan; Nasser Noushadi

Volume 13, Issue 46 , January 2018, Pages 123-143


  The emphasis on ethical values, especially the protection of moral behavior, has increased dramatically in the recent years. The aim of this study was to investigate the relationship between self-concept, moral metacognition and moral behavior with the mediating role of moral reasoning students from ...  Read More

Reducing Physical Bullying and Improving Social Competence in Students: From Functional Behavior Assessment to Developing Behavioral Intervention

mina mohebbi; Mirmahmoud Mirnasab; Eskandar Fathiazar; Touraj Hashemi

Volume 13, Issue 46 , January 2018, Pages 145-170


  The present study aimed to identify the function of physical bullying behavior, develop and evaluate the effectiveness of multifaceted function-based intervention, and to compare antecedent and consequence- based interventions and replacement behavior training on the bullying behavior and social competence ...  Read More

The Mediating Role of Motivational Structure in the Relationship between Cognitive Abilities and High-Risk Behaviors in Adolescents

Emat Ebrahimi; Khadijeh Abolmaali Alhosseini

Volume 13, Issue 46 , January 2018, Pages 171-190


  The purpose of this study was to predict high-risk behaviors based on cognitive abilities by mediating motivational structures in high school adolescents in Tehran. A total of 426 girls and boys in Tehran second high school were selected by cluster sampling, and responded to the high risk behaviors questionnaire ...  Read More

The Prediction of Academic Dimensions of Procrastination on Perfectionism

saadolla hashemi; moslem shahrokhi; mostafa khanzadeh; zeinab ahmadi; Akram Garosi

Volume 13, Issue 46 , January 2018, Pages 191-202


  The purpose of the present study was to predict academic procrastination of the undergraduate students at Shahid Madani University of Azarbaijan based on perfectionism. Research method was descriptive and correlational study. Out of the undergraduate students 250 individuals (115 female and 135 male) ...  Read More