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The Role of Patience Components in Predicting Learning Approaches with the Mediating role of Cognitive Flexibility

Hossein Zare; Azam Farmani

Volume 13, Issue 45 , October 2017, Pages 1-20


  The aim of the present study was to offer a model about the role of patience components in predicting learning strategies with the mediating role of cognitive flexibility. The statistical population of the present study was all of university students studying at Payame Noor University, Kermanshah Branch ...  Read More

Designing an Optimal Model for Sex Education Curriculum in Primary School

Reza Mohammad Beygi; Alireza Faghihi; Faezeh Nateghi

Volume 13, Issue 45 , October 2017, Pages 21-39


  Nowadays, curriculum is considered as the heart of educational systems. Curriculum at primary school is an opportunity for children’s personality development in different education dimensions. Sex education is the important dimension of education. The present study aimed at designing an optimal ...  Read More

Comparing the Effectiveness of Computer-Based and Computer-Assisted Instructional Methods on the Interaction of the Elements of Instruction Learning Process

Hossein Moradi Mokhles; Esmaeil Zaraii Zvaraki; Hassan Rashidi

Volume 13, Issue 45 , October 2017, Pages 41-57


  This study aimed at comparing the effectiveness of computer-based and computer-assisted instruction on the interaction of the elements of Teaching-Learning process in the second grade of the first secondary school science class in Asadabad. The study is part of the quasi-experimental projects that uses ...  Read More

Assessing and Examining the Relationship of Thinking Styles and Goal Orientation with Academic Performance

Mahtab Pouratashi; asghar zamani

Volume 13, Issue 45 , October 2017, Pages 59-81


  The aim of this study was to assess thinking styles and goal orientation of students and their relationship with academic performance. This article is descriptive-correlational research and data gathered using questionnaire. Statistical population of the study comprised students studying at Agricultural ...  Read More

Predicting Academic Procrastination Based on Perfectionism and Cognitive Learning Strategies in Students

Noorali Farrokhi

Volume 13, Issue 45 , October 2017, Pages 83-96


  The purpose of the study was to predict academic procrastination based on perfectionism and cognitive learning strategies in students. The design of the present research was a cross-sectional one with a descriptive correlational-prediction approach. In this study, 210 students of the Faculty of Psychology ...  Read More

Students’ Motivational Profiles and Academic Achievement in Mathematics from a Self-Determination Perspective

Shahram Vahedi; Fatemah Frajian; Javad Hatami

Volume 13, Issue 45 , October 2017, Pages 97-119


  The present study aimed at examining motivational profiles of Tabriz highschool students and testing whether the profile groups differed on academic achievement. Therefore, using a multistage cluster method, 781 subjects were selected, from which, 691 people were entered the analysis. They were assessed ...  Read More

Evaluation of the Educational Software of the Third-Grade Empirical Science Based on Intrinsic Motivation Components

hojjat dehganzadeh; Hossein dehghanzadeh

Volume 13, Issue 45 , October 2017, Pages 121-145


  The aims of this study are to evaluate the educational software of the third-grade empirical science based on intrinsic motivation components. To achieve this goal, content analysis method was used. Malone’s intrinsic motivation questionnaire having four components including challenges, curiosity, ...  Read More

The Effectiveness of Moral Education Approach of Khwajah Nasiral-Din Tousi on Changing Teachers' Attitudes in the Process of Students’ Moral Education

Majid Mahmoodi Mozafar

Volume 13, Issue 45 , October 2017, Pages 147-162


  This study examines the effectiveness of Tusi’s moral education approach on teachers' attitudes in the moral education process of elementary school students. The research method was quasi-experimental in which pretest-posttest design was used for experimental and control groups. The statistical ...  Read More

A Path Analysis Model for the Relationship between Learning Strategies and Exam Anxiety with Mathematics Learning among High Schools Students

Mohammad Mahdi Babaei; Adel Zahed Babolan; Mahdi Moeainikia; Ali Khaleghkhah

Volume 13, Issue 45 , October 2017, Pages 163-181


  The purpose of present study was to identify the relationship betweenlearning strategies and exam anxiety withmathematics learning among high schools students of Amol.The research method was descriptive and correlational. The statistical population was 2950 people of Amol high schools' students in the ...  Read More