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Academic Buoyancy and Perception of Family Communication Patterns and Structure of Class: The Mediatory Role of Self-Efficacy Dimensions

Mohammad-Hossein Dehghanizadeh; Mas’oud Hossienchari; Morteza Moradi; Abbass-Ali Soleymani Khashab

Volume 10, Issue 32 , July 2014, Pages 1-30

  The  present  paper  aims  to  study  the  influence  of  the  perception  of family  communication  patterns  (including  conversation  and conformity  orientations)  as  well  as structure  of  the  class  (including tasks,  meticulous  assessment,  emphasis  on  evaluation  ...  Read More

A Study of the Relationship between Regulation of Positive and Negative Emotions and Academic Performance and Burnout among University Stude

Niloofar Mika’il; Sa'id Rajabi; Moslem Abbasi; Khadijeh Zamanlou

Volume 10, Issue 32 , July 2014, Pages 31-53

  The present research aims to study the relationship between regulating positive  and  negative  emotions  and the  academic  performance  and burnout  among  university  students.  This  was  a  descriptivecorrelational  research.  ...  Read More

Comparing Effectiveness of Corporative and Brainstorming Teaching Methods in Social Competency

Azad Allahkaram; Hassan Maleki; Afshin Babamoradi

Volume 10, Issue 32 , July 2014, Pages 55-79

  This  study  is  aimed  at  exploring  effectiveness  of  corporative  and brainstorming teaching methods in social competency of male junior high school ٢nd-graders in the city of Ghods. The study is of applied nature. In order to achieve the research goal, ...  Read More

A Study of the Effectiveness of Martin’s CognitiveBehavioral Multidimensional Interventions on Academic Achievement and Engagement of High School Female Students in Isfahan City

Ahmad Abedi; Azindokht Me'marian; Mojgan Shoushtari; Fereshteh Golshani Monazzah

Volume 10, Issue 32 , July 2014, Pages 79-93

  The  present  research  aims  to study  the  effectiveness  of  Martin’sCognitive-Behavioral Multidimensional Interventions on the extent of academic achievement and engagement of high school female students in Isfahan city. Using multistage cluster sampling ...  Read More

The Effect of Using E-Portfolio on Students' Test Anxiety and Self-Esteem

Mehdi Badali; Farhad Seraji; Javad Mehraban; Shahin Zibaparcham

Volume 10, Issue 32 , July 2014, Pages 95-114

  The present research aims to study the effectiveness of e-portfolio on test  anxiety  and  self-esteem  of  student.  This  was  an  experimental research  with  a  two-group  pretest-posttest  design.  The  statistical population  ...  Read More

Identifying the Effective Factors in Effectiveness of the On-the-Job Training Courses for Presenting the Structural Model

Zahra Mahdavi; Irandokht Fayyaz

Volume 10, Issue 32 , July 2014, Pages 115-137

  Goal achievement in any social actions results in fruitfulness of those actions. As a means for growth, development and exultation of human capital, on-the-job training is also a social action. Some factors have definitely affected realization of the objectives of on-the-job training courses the identification ...  Read More

A Study of Professional Skills Training in the Selection of Veterinary Surgeon Assistants in Iran

Mehdi Marjani; Rozita sepehrnia

Volume 10, Issue 32 , July 2014, Pages 139-154

  In order to increase the efficiency of learning in the field of medicine, people have to be evaluated and selected according to certain criteria. The  present  research  aims  to  study  the  role  and  position  of professional skills training in selecting ...  Read More