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The effects of Writing to Learn (WTL) interventions on promoting students learning and thinking

ameneh ali; aliakbar saif; parvin kadivar; ali delavar

Volume 10, Issue 34 , January 2015, Pages 1-21

  This study evaluated the effectiveness of writing assignments on the students learning and thinking. Writing assignments as an independent variable was performed in two levels: short writing assignments and analytical essay writing. Research was the quasi- experimental study with a pretest - posttest ...  Read More

Dicteyar Educational Multimedia Effectiveness on improving Dysgraphia students ‘Auditory and Visual Memory Problems in learninig spelling

esmail azimi; saeed mosavipour

Volume 10, Issue 34 , January 2015, Pages 24-41

  The purpose of this study is to produce  Dicteyar Educational Multimedia Effectiveness on  improving  Dysgraphia students ‘Auditory and Visual  Memory Problems in  learninig spelling. An quasi-experimental research method and two-groups with pre-test and post-test research ...  Read More

PhD students’ attitude model about the feedback of academic

morteza taheri; jalil younesi

Volume 10, Issue 34 , January 2015, Pages 44-66

  Purpose: The purpose of this study is to obtain some information about PhD students’ perception and attitude toward the different characteristics of the feedbacks  getting  from the academic writing and its correlation with the different characteristics of the people who give feedback ...  Read More

Quality Assessment of Post-Graduate Curriculum of the Department of Educational Management and Planning

reza shakorzadeh; hassan maleki; mahdi ghasabi

Volume 10, Issue 34 , January 2015, Pages 67-92

  The aim of the present research is  to assess the quality of the post-graduate curricula of Allameh Tabatabai’ University with an emphasis on the objectives, the content, teaching-learning strategies and the assessment strategies of the curricula. This was a descriptive-longitudinal study ...  Read More

The Effect of Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction Program Training on Students’ procrastination

ali sheykholeslami; fariborz dortaj; ali delavar; soghra ebrahimighavam

Volume 10, Issue 34 , January 2015, Pages 94-109

  The purpose of this study was to investigate the effect of mindfulness-based stress reduction program training on procrastination of pre-university male students. The research method was experimental with pretest-posttest design with control group. The statistical population included all pre-university ...  Read More

Explanation of students’ critical thinking disposition according to their epistemological beliefs

hamideh pakmehr; hossein karshki

Volume 10, Issue 34 , January 2015, Pages 112-126

  Considering the importance of critical thinking disposition and its’ the factors affecting, the present study was aimed to assess and explain the impact of students’ epistemological perspectives critical thinking disposition. This research method was causal-comparative. The statistic ...  Read More

Construction and Validation of Peer-Assisted learning Scale (PAL) forVocational High-School Students.

Seydeh Mahrokh Moosavi; Mahnaz Akhavan Tafti; Ali Reza Kiamanesh; Molok Khademi Ashkezar

Volume 10, Issue 34 , January 2015, Pages 127-153

  The purpose of this study was to construct and validate a questionnaire for peer -assisted learning. The population consisted of all students in vocational-training high schools in Tehran in the academic year 1391-92. Through the use of multistage cluster sampling, 979 students ( 519 girls and 460 boys ...  Read More

Ferdowsi, Haft Bazm & Social Skills Training “Psychological Introduction to Haft Bazm Story in Abolghasem Ferdowsi’s Shahnameh”

Ali Reza Moghadas

Volume 10, Issue 34 , January 2015, Pages 151-174

  In today’s world, issues in life skills have come to enjoy a special position because if such issues are not dealt with seriously and efforts are not made toward enhancing the mental health of individuals in today’s industrial and galloping world, the psycho-social abilities of individuals ...  Read More

The relationship between the circadian rhythms and academic performance of female students in sixth grade of school

Esmaeil Sadipour; Fatemeh Geramy

Volume 10, Issue 34 , January 2015, Pages 175-206

  Everything in the world has a slow motion. Taking a look around, we find that life, in the form of periodic activity is orderly fashion. The purpose of this paper was to examine the relationship between circadian rhythms of the students and their academic performance.The research methods were correlation. ...  Read More

Providing the Psychological Model of Human Flourishing based on The Grounded Theory: A Qualitative Research
Volume 10, Issue 34 , January 2015, Pages 207-232

  The aim of this study was to determine the constituent elements and affecting Factors of human flourishing in a paradigm model. In order to achieve this goal, due to special features of flourish construction, qualitative research approach and grounded theory method was used. Participants in the study ...  Read More

Studying The relationship between Student academic engagement with dropout among high school students, male and female first year of isfahan province

Ezatollah Qadrpour; Davood Mrzaeefar; Saideh Sabzian

Volume 10, Issue 34 , January 2015, Pages 233-247

  The purpose of this essay was to study The examination relationship between  Student academic engagement  (cognitive, affective and behavioral) with dropout among high school students, male and female first year of  isfahan province. the Statistical population included male and female ...  Read More