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Designing a Conceptual Model for Measuring of Effective Factors on Learner’s Satisfaction at Electronic Learning Base in Universities with Distance Educational System

Abdollah Moatamedy; soghra ebrahimi ghavam; yousef azami; hamed chopan; younes dostian

Volume 10, Issue 33 , October 2014, Pages 1-20

  Objective: This study compared the learning styles, study styles and time management in gifted and non-gifted students. Methods: This research is descriptive-comparison. Simple random sampling was used to select a sample of 100 students from gifted and non-gifted Kurdistan University are eligible for ...  Read More

Prediction Model of Academic Satisfaction and Achievement via Two-Dimensional Perfectionism and Achievement Goals in high school students

rahim badri; mansur bayrami; Solmaz dabiri

Volume 10, Issue 33 , October 2014, Pages 21-46

  Background: Students’ academic satisfaction and achievement as indicators of academic adjustment are important concepts in education, and important factors apart from cognitive abilities have considerable role on them. Aim: The purpose of present research was to study relation between two-dimensional ...  Read More

The effect of educational games on the social development of preschool children

A jafari

Volume 10, Issue 33 , October 2014, Pages 71-85

  Scientists are trained to use appropriate tools to optimize and enhance social development of children during growth in order to increase their efforts;Because of indicators and symbols of social life without knowing that they may not be living in the community. In fact, the introduction of social life, ...  Read More

Validation of the generative learning model to improve students' analytical learning in biology lessons

h zangeneh; M Nili; H fardanesh; ali delavar

Volume 10, Issue 33 , October 2014, Pages 87-111

  Generative learning theory is one of theories that it has paid attention to this problem and is looking to develop those skills and capabilities of the learners that they will be used as a basis for the future to acquire the next skills and competencies. In other words, they will gain the generation ...  Read More

The Correlation of Mental health and Physical Activities among Female teachers

Z salman

Volume 10, Issue 33 , October 2014, Pages 113-128

  Objective: The purpose of this research was the study of rate of the effect of sport on mental health female teachers. Methodology: The method of this research was semi-experimental. Statistically society included the whole of female teachers that lived in 5 and 6 areas of Tehran city in 1391-92 and ...  Read More

بررسی رابطه میزان عمل به احکام دین با بهداشت روانی معلمان ابتدایی

Iran Fayaz; arash torabi

Volume 10, Issue 33 , October 2014, Pages 129-154

  پژوهش حاضر به بررسی رابطه میزان عمل به احکام دین با بهداشت روانی معلمان ابتدایی در سال تحصیلی 92_91 پرداخته است. جامعه ی آماری این پژوهش شامل کلیه معلمان ابتدایی شهرستان ...  Read More

The effectiveness of instructing transactional analysis on modifying perfectionism in mothers

Elham nowruzpoor; M janbozorgi; m agah; m falah

Volume 10, Issue 33 , October 2014, Pages 155-168

  The aim of this studywas to investigate the effectiveness of transactional analysis instructing on modifying perfectionism among mothers. Applying quasi-experimental research method and using pretest-posttest with control group. Applying convenient sampling method, 42 volunteers’ eligible of inclusion ...  Read More

بررسی تاثیر مدل طراحی آموزشی رایگلوث بر یادگیری و یادداری درس علوم تجربی سال دوم راهنمایی

kiomars Taghipor; Daryoosh Noroozi; Mohammad hasan Amirteimori

Volume 10, Issue 33 , October 2014, Pages 169-189

  پژوهش حاضر به بررسی تأثیر مدل طراحی آموزشی رایگلوث بر میزان یادگیری و یادداری درس علوم تجربی سال دوم  راهنمایی پرداخته است. در این پژوهش از روش تحقیق شبه آزمایشی از ...  Read More

In Search for Identification of Culture Needs of the Young Generation and Developing an Adapted Model

Abbas Abbaspour

Volume 10, Issue 33 , October 2014, Pages 169-197

  In order to identify the cultural needs of the young generation, a survey was carried out with an adaptive approach on the high school boys and girls nationwide. According to the comparative studies conducted, intellectual, social, personal and technical aspects are the four basic dimensions measured ...  Read More