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Scientists are trained to use appropriate tools to optimize and enhance social development of children during growth in order to increase their efforts;Because of indicators and symbols of social life without knowing that they may not be living in the community. In fact, the introduction of social life, "socialization" is.This study also aimed to assess the effect of educational games on the social development of preschool children was conducted. Experimental study with pretest-posttest control group.among  all presch- ool children in Tehran  during  the 2011-2012  academic year, 60 boys  and  girls with multistage cluster  sampling  sampling  method as  study  samples were  selected; and randomly  were  divided  into  experimental  and  control  groups;Social development Winelend test as pre - test was performed on both groups. The test group for 8 weeks (two sessions per week for 45-30 minutes)will offer educational games.The test-retest Winelend social  development  in both  the  post-test  was were administered.Thedata from the pretest and posttest were analyzed using t-test.
Findings showed that the mean social growth of students who have educational games with students who have never played these games, the difference is significant. Based on the findings of this study can be said of educational games preschoolers can enhance social development.