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Efficacy of Self-Compassion training on perceived competence and psychological flexibility in bad-caretaker girls

Mahdieh Khalajzadeh; Nezam Hashemi

Volume 15, Issue 54 , January 2020, Pages 1-32


  Adolescents who lack family support grow up with a sense of insecurity, fear, and anxiety. According to the research, structural problems of primary family and inappropriate socioenvironmental factors may cause psychological traits in bad-caretaker girls. Therefore, psychological flexibility and perception ...  Read More

Meta-analysis of factors affecting self-regulation strategy in learning

sayedeh fatemeh zaegamean; mahdi moeinikia

Volume 15, Issue 54 , January 2020, Pages 33-57


  The purpose of the present research was descriptive, analysis and synthesis analysis presented in the context of factors influencing self-regulation strategy in learning. This research method is the meta-analysis. The statistical population of the research includes all scientific and research articles, ...  Read More

The effect of play based on moral intelligence on conscience, self-control and social responsibility of elementary school children

maedeh jalaei; leila CheraghMollaei; roshanak khodabakhsh pirkalani

Volume 15, Issue 54 , January 2020, Pages 59-89


  The purpose of this study was the effectiveness of play package designed to increase moral conscience, self-control and taking social responsibility of talented primary school students. The research method was quasi-experimental with pretest-posttest with control group design. The population consisted ...  Read More

Interpretive expressions of the horizons, challenges and solutions of the researcher teacher program as action research on the teachers' scholars

Irandokht Fayyaz; anita homayoonfard; Sayedmahdi Sajjadi; Reza Saki

Volume 15, Issue 54 , January 2020, Pages 91-117


  The purpose of present research, survey of the horizons and challenges of the researcher teacher program as action research on the Researcher teachers. To understand the lived experiences of the researcher teachers the methodology of interpretive expressions has been used. The research sample consisted ...  Read More

The study of the effectiveness of electrical stimulation of the brain to enhance working memory and reduce the risk of high-risk decision-making in children with ADHD

sondos kashani khatib; shokoufeh radfar; simsn bashardoust; malek mirhashemi

Volume 15, Issue 54 , January 2020, Pages 119-135


  Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder is a neurodevelopmental disorder. Risky decision making and active memory weakness are components of this disorder whose negative implications are known.. The purpose of the study was to increase the working memory and reduce risky decision By stimulating the ...  Read More

Comparing the Emotional Processing, Help Seeking and Goal Achievement in Students with High and Low Test Anxiety

Ali Sheykholeslami; Zahra Bashshashi; Ali Jafari

Volume 15, Issue 54 , January 2020, Pages 137-157


  This study aimed to compare the emotional processing, help seeking and goal achievement in students with high and low test anxiety. The research method is Descriptive with causal-comparative type. The population of this study consisted of all students of High School Level II of Ardabil city in the academic ...  Read More

Reliability and Factor Structure of teachers’ goal orientation for teaching

zahra naghsh; zahra Ramezani khmsi

Volume 15, Issue 54 , January 2020, Pages 159-177


  The aim of this study was to investigate the factor structure and reliability of the teachers’ goal orientation Inventory.So 300 teachers from first to sixth grade were selected randomly by cluster sampling among primary school teachers in Tehran and answered to Butler goal orientation Inventory ...  Read More

Identify factor of Academic Immaturity Student-Teachers in University of Cultural Studies: A Phenomenological Approach

saied roomani; kobra .alipour; sedigeh farokhi

Volume 15, Issue 54 , January 2020, Pages 179-206


  Abstract The purpose of the present study was to identify the effective factors in academic immorality among students studying at Farhangian University. The statistical population of the study consisted of students Farhangian University of Khorramabad. 15 students were selected as the sample of the study ...  Read More

Predicting English Language Learning in Girls and Boys according to Successful Intelligence, wisdom and Creativity

saeed Esmail Nia; Gholamreza Sarami; shokoh bani jamali

Volume 15, Issue 54 , January 2020, Pages 207-234


  Successful intelligence, wisdom and creativity can be so important features of success in learning English. This study was designed to determine the predictive role of successful intelligence, wisdom and creativity in learning English in girls and boys. The method of this study was descriptive and correlation, ...  Read More