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The Status of Happiness and Satisfaction with Life among University students during the Corona ‎Crisis New virus (Cowide-19)

Ali Delavar; Leila Shokouhi amirabadi

Volume 16, Issue 55 , April 2020, Pages 1-25


  هدف از انجام این پژوهش بررسی وضعیت شادکامی و رضایت از زندگی دانشجویان در زمان بحران بیماری کرونا ویروس جدید ‏‏(کووید-19)‏ است. روش پژوهش توصیفی مقایسه ای و از نظر هدف، ...  Read More

Psychological dimensions of corona crisis (covid-19) and educational methods to reduce it

farid ahmadrad

Volume 16, Issue 55 , April 2020, Pages 27-54


  Coronavirus is known worldwide due to its widespread prevalence; In fact, the physical and psychological damage from the virus has attracted worldwide attention. Generally people who have experienced the crisis some of the psychological symptoms are clearly seen in them; In the absence of treatment in ...  Read More

Psychological Consequences of New Coronavirus (Covid 19) in Children: A Systematic Review

asgar choobdari; Fatemeh Nikkhoo; Fatemeh Fooladi

Volume 16, Issue 55 , April 2020, Pages 55-68


  Lifestyle changes as a result of the global outbreak of Quaid 19 have overshadowed children and have had psychological consequences. Therefore, the aim of the present study was to investigate the psychological consequences of the new coronavirus (Covid 19) in children with systemic review. The research ...  Read More

A case study between education and social participation of individuals using Instagram pages of celebrities in the Coronavirus crisis

mehdi soltanifar; Ali Granmayepour; shahnaz hashemi

Volume 16, Issue 55 , April 2020, Pages 69-94


  In times of crisis, take advantage of the influence of celebrities and social networks to educate people on how to deal with it and how to participate properly. Social networks were active during of the spread or prevalence of COVID 19. Under such circumstances, it is so sensitive to educate people and ...  Read More

Investigating the educational and physiological structures of Corona crisis in the sport industry

parastou safania; amir mohammad safania; Hanieh Aryadoost

Volume 16, Issue 55 , April 2020, Pages 95-108


  Today, the world is facing the Corona Crisis and the changes it has made. The aim of this study is to investigate the educational and physiological structure of the corona crisis in the sport industry. This research has been done using the library method and the resources have been collected based on ...  Read More

Post- Planning in Post Corona, the necessity of today's education (Based on the strategic radar model)

heidar toorani

Volume 16, Issue 55 , April 2020, Pages 105-117


  The aim of this study is to provide a suitable model for examining the challenges and opportunities of the internal and external environment of the country's educational system ahead to counter the pandemic of Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19) or any other national and global crisis. Because if educational ...  Read More

Assessing the effects of corona virus in the sports industry

ali mohammad safania; Raha Barahmand

Volume 16, Issue 55 , April 2020, Pages 123-135


  Due to the outbreak of coronavirus worldwide, the performance of industries has changed a lot. Sport is one of the most active industries these days with sudden changes in the corona pandemic. The aim of this study is to evaluate the effects of coronavirus in the sports industry. Resources were collected ...  Read More

Construct and validate a questionnaire Coping Styles in the face of the coronavirus epidemic

fariborz dortaj; moslem danesh payeh; fazlollah hasanvand; seyedAli musavi

Volume 16, Issue 55 , April 2020, Pages 137-155


  The present study aimed to construct and validate the coping style questionnaire in the feacing of the corona epidemic. The statistical population of the study included all people living in Lorestan province who faced the effects of coronavirus epidemic in 1398. The sample was 384 people based on the ...  Read More

Psychological and Instructional consequences of Corona disease (Covid-19) and coping strategies with them

Khadijeh Abolmaali Alhosseini

Volume 16, Issue 55 , April 2020, Pages 157-193


  The purpose of this study was to identify the psychological and instructional consequences of Corona disease (Covid-19) in students and coping strategies with it. The research method was descriptive-analytical. A total of 23 articles in the Corona disease field in the databases PubMed, Scopus, SID, Google ...  Read More

Psychological Effects of Covid 19 and Its Psychological Effects: A Systematic Review

Mohammad Asgari; abolfazl ghadami; reihaneh aminaei; rehaneh rezazadeh

Volume 16, Issue 55 , April 2020, Pages 173-206


  The outbreak of Covid 19 led to quarantine at home and the closure of many leisure and educational centers, which negatively affected people's mental health. Therefore, the aim of the present study was to investigate the psychological dimensions of coronary heart disease and the resulting psychological ...  Read More

Student learning evaluation during the Corona: Challenges and Strategies

alimohammad rezaei

Volume 16, Issue 55 , April 2020, Pages 179-214


  چکیده: هدف از مقاله حاضر بررسی شیوه های ارزشیابی از آموخته های دانشجویان در دوران کرونا: چالش ها و راهکارها با تاکید بر عدالت ارزشیابی بود. به منظور نیل به هدف پژوهش از ...  Read More

The Relationship between Illness Perception, Obsessive Beliefs and General Health in patients referring to Corona virus (COVID-19) Diagnosis

leila Zoghi; Bita Ajilchi; Elham Yosefirad; Ali asghar Dehghan monazam

Volume 16, Issue 55 , April 2020, Pages 215-228


  Introduction: The crisis of corona disease has been effective in various ways, including physical, emotional, economic, social and psychological. Which is one of the most important psychological variables is general health. Therefore, the aim of this study was to investigate the relationship between ...  Read More

Evaluation of the psychological effects of COVID-19 virus in the staff of the Agricultural Research, Training and Promotion Organization in an emergency (Quarantine)

Arsalan Irajirad

Volume 16, Issue 55 , April 2020, Pages 229-237


  بروز و انتشار ویروس کرونا و همه گیری بیماری کووید-19، طیف وسیعی از افراد جامعه را درگیر خود نموده است و موجب بروز اختلالات روانشناختی شده است. با توجه به تاثیر سوء این اختلالات ...  Read More

Predicting general health using individual variables, self-efficacy and anxiety in COVID-19 health care workers (student and nonstudent)

Roghiyeh Asadi; Nasrin Asadi

Volume 16, Issue 55 , April 2020, Pages 239-268


  The goal of this research was to predicting general health using individual variables, self-efficacy and anxiety in covid-19 healthcare workers in Kermanshah city. The population included all covid-19 healthcare workers in Kermanshah city and the sample included 3 hospitals covid-19 healthcare workers, ...  Read More