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Pattern of the effect of environmental-social factors on the cycle of motivation-lifelong learning of police students

javad Einipour; Ashab Habibzadeh; soghra ebrahimi qavam

Volume 17, Issue 61 , October 2021, , Pages 7-27


  The atmosphere and environment in which the training takes place affects the motivation and learning of the individual with different qualities. Environmental-social factors are as the spirit of the universities. The aim of this study was to develop a model of the impact of environmental and social factors ...  Read More

Development of thinking instructional design model based on Vygotsky's sociocultural theory

Jamshid Heydari; Khadijeh Aliabadi; soghra Ebrahimi Q avam; Saeid Poor roustaei

Volume 17, Issue 60 , July 2021, , Pages 41-82


  AbstractThis study executed for the development of thinking instructional design models based on Vygotsky's sociocultural theory. The research was a mixed-method and Research design was exploratory design. The design consists of two consecutive qualitative and quantitative parts. In the qualitative section, ...  Read More

The Effectiveness of Brain Compatible Learning on the Components of Planning and Problem Solving of Executive Functions in Elementary School Students.

somayeh saifi; soghra ebrahimi qavam; Hasan Ashaeri; Noorali Farrokhi; Fariborz Dortaj

Volume 13, Issue 43 , April 2017, , Pages 101-118


  Current solution to the problems of education requires more sophisticated and smart approach by choosing that an important part of the (brain-compatible learning) is provided. Brain compatible learning considers how naturally learning take place. It seeks for changing the frame to make an effective teaching ...  Read More

روانشناسی یادگیری
Investigating the Impact of Life Skills Training on Academic Self–efficacy

mosa bandak

Volume 11, Issue 37 , October 2015, , Pages 19-33

  The aim of this study was to investigate the impact of life skills training on academic self-efficacy. The study population consisted of all elementary school students in Boolbanabad city. The sampling method used in this study was random sampling. For data gathering, the academic self-efficacy questionnaire ...  Read More

The Effect of Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction Program Training on Students’ procrastination

ali sheykholeslami; fariborz dortaj; ali delavar; soghra ebrahimighavam

Volume 10, Issue 34 , January 2015, , Pages 94-109

  The purpose of this study was to investigate the effect of mindfulness-based stress reduction program training on procrastination of pre-university male students. The research method was experimental with pretest-posttest design with control group. The statistical population included all pre-university ...  Read More

Designing a Conceptual Model for Measuring of Effective Factors on Learner’s Satisfaction at Electronic Learning Base in Universities with Distance Educational System

Abdollah Moatamedy; soghra ebrahimi ghavam; yousef azami; hamed chopan; younes dostian

Volume 10, Issue 33 , October 2014, , Pages 1-20

  Objective: This study compared the learning styles, study styles and time management in gifted and non-gifted students. Methods: This research is descriptive-comparison. Simple random sampling was used to select a sample of 100 students from gifted and non-gifted Kurdistan University are eligible for ...  Read More

A Model for Chemistry Students’ Performance on the Basis of Epistemological Beliefs, Perception of Constructivist Learning Environment, and High-Level Cognitive and Motivational Strategies

Kazem Barzegar Bafrou’i; Esma’il Sa’dipour; Soghra Ebrahimi Qavam; Nour Ali Farrokhi

Volume 8, Issue 26 , January 2013, , Pages 178-211

  The purpose of this study was to investigate the impact of epistemological beliefs and perception of constructivist learning environment on chemistry performance through the mediation of academic self-efficacy and high-level cognitive strategies. Forthispurpose, 646high school students (318 male, 328 ...  Read More

Comparative consideration and analysis of headings, subjects and programs for early childhood educators training in Iran, Australia, Canada and Britain

Soghra Ebrahimi Ghavam (PhD); Seyed Ali Akbar Karimi (MA)

Volume 6, Issue 18 , October 2010, , Pages 72-104

  n the research reported here in, the educator training programs in Iran, Australia, Canada and Britain were compared and contrasted. In this report, initially the developmental path of the current program in Iran is critically reviewed, the policies and initiatives taken are explained and the major problems ...  Read More

Standardization a scale for self-regulation as a cross-curricular competency among female and male high school students in Mashhad city

roghaye arji; soghra ebrahimighavam

Volume 4, Issue 11 , April 2008, , Pages 1-22


  This study attempted to devise and standardized a scale for self• regulated as a cross-curricular competency among female and male students of Mashhad city. A random selection of 840 students participated in this research in the first stage. A 52-item questionnaire and 14 subscales using Likert ...  Read More

A Study on the relationship between self-efficiency, Social support and exam anxiety and the psychological health of the Men and Women Students in Allameh Tabatabaei University

marziye mirsamiei; soghra ebrahimighavam

Volume 3, Issue 7 , April 2007, , Pages 73-92


  SUMMERY: This survey has been carried out with the aim of studying the relationship between self-efficiency social support and exam anxiety and the psychological health of men and women students in Allameh-Tabatabaee University. METHOD: This survey is a correlative one. Being selected by cluster sampling, ...  Read More

Comparative study on the relationship between seven thinking styles with age, gender, academic level and academic filed in elementary, guidance and high schools' teachers in Barn town

nahid jahanshahi; soghra ebrahim ghavam

Volume 2, Issue 5 , October 2006, , Pages 37-58


  This study aims at carrying out a comparative study on the relationship between seven thinking styles with age, gender. academic level and academic filed in elementary, guidance and high schools' teachers in Barn town. 200 teachers ( 25 females and 75 males) participated in this study. The seven variable ...  Read More

Comparative study of cognitive styles (field dependent and field independent)and self regulated strategies in gifted and normal of high school in gavin

ali moslehi rad; soghra ebrahimi ghavam

Volume 2, Issue 3 , April 2006, , Pages 61-78


  Regarding the purpose the stydy that is to compare cognitive styles (field dependent and field independent) and the degree of ,O usage of self - regulated teaming strategies among gifted and normal the sample of the study consisted of200 people (100boy and100 girls) were selected form the of Qazvin , ...  Read More