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Meta-analysis of the effectiveness of cognitive training based on working memory on improving the children's executive functions with mathematical disorder

نجاریان najarian; shahram vahedi; touraj hashemi; rahim badri

Volume 18, Issue 64 , July 2022, , Pages 55-83


  General learning disabilities and specific math impairments have always been considered as the most common and the most complex topics in the field of exceptional children and have attracted the attention of many researchers. Numerous studies have been recently conducted on the effectiveness of cognitive ...  Read More

روانشناسی یادگیری
The effect of reversed jigsaw classroom on university students' academic performance and statistics anxiety

Javad Amani Saribaglou; Shahram Vahedi; Eskandar Fathi azar; Leyla Abidi

Volume 15, Issue 52 , July 2019, , Pages 133-153


  The reversed Jigsaw, one of the cooperative learning techniques, is based on group dynamics and social interactions. The aim of current study was to investigate the effect of reversed jigsaw method on university students' academic performance and statistics anxiety in statistics course. Research design ...  Read More

روانشناسی یادگیری
The effectiveness of concept maps in teaching mathematics concepts and mathematics self-concept among elementary school students

Shahram Vahedi; moosa piri

Volume 14, Issue 48 , July 2018, , Pages 19-36


  The concept mapping as learning- teaching strategy has positive effects on cognitive and non-cognitive aspects of learning and it facilitates meaningful learning. The study examined the effect of concept-mapping on mathematical problem- solving performance and self-concept among 5th graders elementary ...  Read More

Students’ Motivational Profiles and Academic Achievement in Mathematics from a Self-Determination Perspective

Shahram Vahedi; Fatemah Frajian; Javad Hatami

Volume 13, Issue 45 , October 2017, , Pages 97-119


  The present study aimed at examining motivational profiles of Tabriz highschool students and testing whether the profile groups differed on academic achievement. Therefore, using a multistage cluster method, 781 subjects were selected, from which, 691 people were entered the analysis. They were assessed ...  Read More

Prediction of Procrastination Behavior in High School Male Students Based upon Emotional Styles

Rahim Badri; Shahram Vahedi; Mansour Bairami; Javad Einipour

Volume 12, Issue 39 , April 2016, , Pages 81-95


  Procrastination means postponing the works or tendency to do it in the last moments. Procrastination causes high degree of anxiety and depression in student and also negative emotions. One of the efficacious components on procrastination is the lack of emotional regulation and disability of emotional ...  Read More