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The predictive role of Self-esteem and Parenting Styles in university students’ Happiness

sulmaz dabiri; ali delavar

Volume 7, Issue 20 , July 2011, Pages 1-16


  The aim of this research was to predict of happiness based on self-esteem and parenting styles in university students. In this purpose 350 students of Allameh Tabatabaee University were selected by random cluster sampling method. The instruments of this research were Rosenberg Self- esteem Questionnaire, ...  Read More

The effect of instructional design model, Merril (the theory components of View) on learning and retention rates

mohamadreza mahdavi; mohamadhasan amirtaimuri

Volume 7, Issue 20 , July 2011, Pages 17-32


  The focus of this study is ”the evaluation of the impact of applying Merrill instructional design model on learning rate and retention in high school first- grade biology lesson .statistical group comprised all of the mail first-grade high school students in mahallat .to choose the sample the multi-stage ...  Read More

The effects of formative and traditional evaluation types on academic achievement and test anxiety in the students of second grade of primary school in Tehran

mohamadali mohamadifar; mahmood najafi

Volume 7, Issue 20 , July 2011, Pages 33-50


  Formative and traditional evaluation might have different effect on educational and emotional domain in measuring student performance. The aim of the present research is the study of the effects of the evaluation types on academic achievement and test anxiety in the students of second grade of primary ...  Read More

Comparison of Conversation, Freeplay, and Story Generation as Methods of Language Sample Elicitation in Persian Language Children

iman afkhami; parviz sharifi

Volume 7, Issue 20 , July 2011, Pages 51-68


  The spontaneous language sample forms an important part of the language evaluation protocol. Language samples give us some useful information about how children interact with others, and evaluation of speech performed regarding continuous speech sample. The purpose of this study is to compare of linguistic ...  Read More

Searching for Understanding Meaningful Relationships Between Psychological Functions and Empowerment of School Organization

firuz afsharfar; abas abaspur

Volume 7, Issue 20 , July 2011, Pages 69-94


  This research is based on Spititzer’s (1995,1996) theory and aims to explore the relationships between related factors among psychological functions of the school organization with its psychological empowerments. 250 principals of Tehran High schools (girls and boys) were selected randomly. The ...  Read More

Foundations and characteristics of a teaching model for teaching procedural knowledge

masud moradi; hashem fardanesh

Volume 7, Issue 20 , July 2011, Pages 95-130


  Approaches, models, and methods of teaching, among other factors, are important factors in any educational system. Teaching is an endeavor that is at the crossroads of all the activities in the classroom, and is the most important activity enacted by teachers that prepares the context for student learning. ...  Read More

Investigating the relationship between social anxiety and classroom psychosocial climate with academic self-efficacy in junior high school students

laleh khajeh; masud hoseinchari

Volume 7, Issue 20 , July 2011, Pages 131-153


  The present study was aimed to investigate if academic self- efficacy can be predicted by social anxiety and classroom psychosocial climate in junior high school students. The sample was 550 (250 female and 3oo male) students who were selected via random cluster sampling in Jiroft. In order to gather ...  Read More