Document Type : Research Paper



This study is aimed at investigating the role of family in academic achievement of the junior high school student in Tehran city. The analysis is of post-event nature. To this end, from among all junior high school students studying in Tehran in the academic year 2007-2008, 740 boys and girls were selected using the multistage cluster sampling method. Then, the demographic information questionnaire and family assessment device (FAD) were administered for the purpose of examining performance of the sample group families, and the indices provided through administration of the questionnaires were analyzed and compared in terms of the students’ academic achievement considered based on their averages by means of a t-test and one-way ANOVA and SPSS application. The findings of data analysis suggest that the academic status of the students experiencing inefficient family atmosphere was significantly worsened. Furthermore, the students from the families experiencing weak economic conditions had more academic achievement vis-à-vis those coming from the families with high economic status. There was no significant relation between the students’ academic achievement and mothers’ educational background, and female students’ academic conditions were better than the male students’. The research results generally indicate that there is a significant relation between weak family performance and reduced academic achievement of the junior high school students.