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Identifying the effective components to improve the karmic capacity in elementary schools based on the document on the transformation of education

Sedighe Abbasalinezhad; Irandokht Fayyaz; Firooz Raznahan; Ali khorsandi Taskooh

Volume 18, Issue 66 , January 2023, , Pages 55-75


  The aim of the present research was to identify the effective components in improving the kartim capacity in primary schools based on the document of the fundamental transformation of education. The method of the research was descriptive which was conducted in the field and qualitatively. The study population ...  Read More

Interpretive expressions of the horizons, challenges and solutions of the researcher teacher program as action research on the teachers' scholars

Irandokht Fayyaz; anita homayoonfard; Sayedmahdi Sajjadi; Reza Saki

Volume 15, Issue 54 , January 2020, , Pages 91-117


  The purpose of present research, survey of the horizons and challenges of the researcher teacher program as action research on the Researcher teachers. To understand the lived experiences of the researcher teachers the methodology of interpretive expressions has been used. The research sample consisted ...  Read More

The Study of Philip Cam’s Brain Stories Effects on the Preschool Children's Creativity Development in Tehran

Kaveh Rostami; Irandokht Fayyaz; Omid Ghasemi

Volume 12, Issue 41 , October 2016, , Pages 1-13


  The purpose of this paper is to study Philip Cam’s brain stories effects on the preschool children's creativity development in Tehran. The study sample was all preschool children in 2013-2014 school years in Tehran, using multi-stage cluster sampling, 30 children were selected as samples among ...  Read More

روانشناسی یادگیری
An Investigation into the Influence of Multidimensional Curriculum-based Preschool Education on the Development of Social Skills in Preschool Children
Volume 11, Issue 37 , October 2015, , Pages 119-138

  The importance of childhood preschool education in qualifying children lives, their future educational performance, and post-education years is well documented. Yet, what demands more attention is the quality of the education children receive. In the context of Iran, it has been less the case that educational ...  Read More

بررسی رابطه میزان عمل به احکام دین با بهداشت روانی معلمان ابتدایی

Iran Fayaz; arash torabi

Volume 10, Issue 33 , October 2014, , Pages 129-154

  پژوهش حاضر به بررسی رابطه میزان عمل به احکام دین با بهداشت روانی معلمان ابتدایی در سال تحصیلی 92_91 پرداخته است. جامعه ی آماری این پژوهش شامل کلیه معلمان ابتدایی شهرستان ...  Read More