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Developing a Pattern of Academic Probation based on Lived Experiences of Students

Mahtab Changaei; Hossain Salimi Bajestani; Kiiumars Farah Bakhsh; Asiyeh Shariatmadar; Noorali Farrokhi

Volume 19, Issue 67 , May 2023, , Pages 102-138


  This study was conducted to develop a pattern of academic probation based on lived experiences of students and research texts related to the subject. This study is a qualitative research using phenomenology method and purposive sampling. Twelve semi-structured interviews were carried out with 10 female ...  Read More

روانشناسی یادگیری
Effectiveness of Mindfulness Training on Procrastination and Academic Stress

Fereshte Hashemi; fariborz dortaj; Noorali Farrokhi; Bita Nasrolahi

Volume 15, Issue 52 , July 2019, , Pages 1-13


  This research deals with the effectiveness of mindfulness training on procrastination and academic stress among female students of the eighth- grade of district 1 Tehran city. This study was a quasi-experimental design, using a pre and post-test exam with the control group. The statistical population ...  Read More

Predicting Academic Procrastination Based on Perfectionism and Cognitive Learning Strategies in Students

Noorali Farrokhi

Volume 13, Issue 45 , October 2017, , Pages 83-96


  The purpose of the study was to predict academic procrastination based on perfectionism and cognitive learning strategies in students. The design of the present research was a cross-sectional one with a descriptive correlational-prediction approach. In this study, 210 students of the Faculty of Psychology ...  Read More

The Effectiveness of Brain Compatible Learning on the Components of Planning and Problem Solving of Executive Functions in Elementary School Students.

somayeh saifi; soghra ebrahimi qavam; Hasan Ashaeri; Noorali Farrokhi; Fariborz Dortaj

Volume 13, Issue 43 , April 2017, , Pages 101-118


  Current solution to the problems of education requires more sophisticated and smart approach by choosing that an important part of the (brain-compatible learning) is provided. Brain compatible learning considers how naturally learning take place. It seeks for changing the frame to make an effective teaching ...  Read More

Standardization and sufficiency psychometric properties of six factor personality HEXACO-FFI-R questionnaire in Iranian students

Mahdi Rahmani Malek abadi; Noor Ali Farokhi; Jalal Aghabeigi

Volume 11, Issue 38 , January 2016, , Pages 1-18

  The aim of this research was to investigate the psychometric properties and standardization of six factor HEXACO-FFI-R questionnaire. This questionnaire developed from studding of lexicon of 7 countries examined 24 subscales in six personality traits of honesty-humility, excitability, extroversion, agreeableness, ...  Read More